Adios, Since It’s Day Four Without Poo

It was already heading in this direction 13 months ago, but now I really cannot deny that life is changing. Or to put it as it is, life has already changed. Dramatically.

If I could put into words my life last year it would be something like this: Explorer. Carefree. Wine and cheese. Uninhibited. Fishing. Adventure.

I was enjoying life as a young professional with limited ‘real-life’ responsibilities in a dare-to-dream job with lots of scope in the travel industry.

And now, as of this very moment, my life is waking up at four in the morning because I heard my darling baby making noise and I thought that she wanted to eat. Maybe she did have a brief hunger pang, while I was still waking up from my precious sleep. But now she shows no sign of hunger, no signs of restlessness. Just looks peaceful. Well sleep on, little one.

It’s too bad that now I’m wide awake. And all I can think about is that today will be Day Four without poo. Normally she poops once a day so I’m starting to feel a little anxious!

As I lie here in my bed I can’t help but think how much has changed since starting this blog. My Greenlandic adventure into the unknown with no job, no friends, just icebergs, shooting seals, eating whale and all the other preconceptions people come with when thinking of the Arctic is still continuing, just turned a tangent and has become what others might call a more realistic Normal Life. A life where one counts diapers and looks forward to poo. 🙂
It’s not necessarily where I thought my adventure in Greenland would take me, but in so many ways it is a very natural path to have a baby and begin a family. To ‘settle down’.

Some might say that I’ve turned boring – but this is exciting in another way, and I still expect us to live a fun and probably exciting life anyway. Life doesn’t have to change that much, so I’ve heard. And I believe that 🙂

BUT – As a result of life changing, this blog’s focus will have to change too. As it kind of already has. Now it’s time to make it official.

So just a warning, for those who have followed my adventure in Nuuk: this blog will still contain things about Greenland, it’s wild nature, and the strange, normal, boring and wonderful life there, but now if I write the pen might focus on new everyday challenges that I face at this stage of my life. I will definitely write less. I already have. And I will incorporate my maternal lifestyle in Greenland.

So….see you around, if you stick about to read this!

PS This blog post was written 2 months ago on a phone and I thought I’d wait for a better time to post it, when I could find pictures to match. Now I’m just going to give up and post this as it is……

PPS Even though it’s not the same poo cycle, it is now Day 5 without Poo!!!!




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