First impressions: Nuuk is in another time, another space

I’ve flown into an alternate universe called Nuuk where the surreal is reality.

Time has stopped. Having never dreamed that I would ever live so close to an enormous fjord, it’s also a pleasant surprise to discover that I can watch icebergs float slowly by while sitting on my balcony. I’m surrounded by great mountain peaks that loom over the city.

Although it’s technically springtime, it’s still minus two degrees Celcius. The sun is shining so brightly, however, that I’m more often hot than cold. Come 19.30, there is still fading light. Oh Summer, when you arrive bursting with Brightness, I will probably miss your friend Darkness.

The great expanse of nature is really felt here. The city covers more space than one thinks since there are fjords, mountains and streams peppering the landscape. Small as the population is, it does feel somewhat like a big city since the folk don’t really say hello or smile at strangers. Everyone does know everyone, though, and one can have thousands of friends on Facebook.

I conjure up the image that life in Nuuk will be a fishbowl, where you can only go around and around, taking new delight in subtle change and what’s been seen before. The mountains are the periphery, limitless yet so limiting. Yet regarding the social fabric, things are changing, and rapidly too.

Do the Greenlandic people ever wish they had wings? Did they ever dream they could fly over the mountains, since they cannot drive beyond Nuuk? There are no roads, and one can only fly or sail. Or you could try climbing, but I’ve already pushed my limits – today I had to climb like a goat to visit the Strange Dane’s friend who lives up on a treacherous icy hill. I didn’t fall, but I would rather skydive.

I’ve come to Nuuk reading and hearing a lot about the place, but somehow I feel that all my preconceptions will be challenged. It’s such a contradictory society in many ways. I’m curious to see how I settle in, and hope that I can somehow fit in. For the moment though, I can take comfort in the fact that if I’m unemployed for a long time and bored brainless, I have a lovely apartment to stay in with a stunning view of the city. I shouldn’t forget that I’ll be with my love, and that I’ll do things I will have never done otherwise.

Sunset by my apartment. It was mostly set up by the time I had arrived, as the Strange Dane moved in two weeks before.

Looking towards the future!



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