Hitting the 3 year mark!

No-one told me three years ago that I would still be living near the North Pole today!

Even after having packed my life into 30 kilos and flown half way across the world to Denmark from Australia on a one-way ticket in January 2013, I was uncertain of where my future would lie. Who would have guessed that three years on that I would still be happily living in Greenland!

In retrospect Nuuk is an easy place to live, once you have all of the fundamentals in place like job, residence permit and housing. I doubt that I could survive in a much smaller town – but I would like to try living in a Northern or Eastern settlement for a winter or so and see how I get by. That’s the Greenland many people think of when they imagine the Arctic – that Eskimos still live in igloos and hunt for seal with harpoons from kayaks. Even in settlements, things have modernised a bit – though Inuit do still hunt for polar bear from dog sleds!

After a pretty uncertain initial 8 months without a residence permit, Greenland has been very good to me. I’ve since started working in a fun content marketing job at Visit Greenland, I have a sweet husband (and after a few years am finally comfortable with the term h-u-s-b-a-n-d), and well, probably the biggest life-changer is that we have a little baby on its way. Does this mean I say goodbye to travelling and exploring? Who knows, I hope not! But here’s to a new style of travelling and exploring life, I guess!



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