5 Great Holiday Destinations for Watersport Lovers

Be it during hot summers or the lovely monsoon, water sport adventures would never fail to give you high and adrenaline rush. Water sports likeScuba diving, parasailing, water-skiing, kayaking or beach water sports are always fun. Indulging in water sports with waterproof changing robes is quite a perfect way to spend holidays and create new memories with family.

So, let’s take a dip into 5 great holiday destinations in the world for water sports lovers.

1. Orlando Watersports Complex

Since 1999, the Orlando Watersports Complex is a unique aqua park designed for wakeboarding, wake skating, waterskiing, knee boarding and wake surfing. Since the establishment, It is the best place to learn how to wakeboard. The world’s most visited water park has two full size cable systems, a boat lake and aqua park perfect for holidays with family or the fun-filled birthday parties. You can enjoy day swimming and obstacle course in the water.
OWC’s two-tower system is ideal for teaching basics to the new riders. OWC also has advanced cable for advanced riders which offers many different advanced features to the experienced riders.

2. Myrtle Beach Watersports

Myrtle Beach water sports in South Carolina offers you one of the best rentals for jet skiing. It has the riding area of about 20 miles, less boat traffic and no sand bars. It also offers freedom to ride on your own, ‘no wake down zone’ (to slow you down) for your non-stop fun. You get many aquatic adventures options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a little relaxation, excitement or both, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is sure give you all.

3. North Georgia Watersports

If you are planning your dayjet skiing or pontoon boating, come to North Georgia Water sports. Some of the water sports lovers label North Georgia as number 1 water sports destination. Apart from jetskii and pontoon boat, it provides you wakeboard, wave runner, kayaks and jetovetor rentals. NG watersports also offer various watercrafts like waterproof lake maps, floating key chains, and many more such things to add fun to your holidays. It is like one stop for rentals, sales and services for water sports and adventures lovers. It guarantees to give you the best fun holidays with your family.

4. Sunset Watersports, Key West

Established in 1984, Sunset Watersports is the largest and the oldest aqua park in Key West. They offer many unique sports and activities like, All Day watersports- “DO IT ALL”, Dolphin trips, water trampoline, safari speed boat tours, kayaking, parasailing, snorkeling, banana boat rides, paddle boards, windsurfing, hydro bikes, waterskiing, water inflatable slides, etc. Moreover, Sunset Watersports aqua park keeps growing and adding new fun water adventures. It is highly recommended for thrilling water adventure filled days.

5. Totally Tubular Watersports, Ocean City

Totally tubular watersports ocean city in New Jersey offers the great ocean watersports experience for every water adventurer. Tubing, Wakeboarding, and Waterskiing are just few to name. The most famous water sport from the destination is Banana Boat Rides. TTW also features the attraction – the AQUA PARK! Anyone can go for the sports at TTW as no prior experience or training is required for the rides. Moreover, It is also great destination for the experienced riders for they can set the higher goals and challenge themselves.

Visit these exotic destinations to gear up yourself for thrilling holidays and a little adrenaline boost with water adventures. Also share your memorable experiences if you have been to any of these destinations. We also look forward for your valuable suggestions.



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