Simple Tools that can Help You in Gardening

Looking for advice on gardening tools? If yes means, this article is especially for you. Basically, gardening can seem like an advanced skill exclusively possessed by the green figured. But the real thing is- gardening is easy to learn for everyone. With the knowledge of a few fundamental rules, you can easily become a good gardener.

As a beginner, you need to concentrate on certain things like selecting the right plants, good fertilizers and study the soil of yours. There is also one important thing you have to keep in mind is selecting a high-quality gardening tool.

A vast variety process of tools like panting, digging, weeding, harvesting, pruning, maintenance and cutting tools are available in online. Pick the right one as per your need. Now here, we discuss the five most powerful and essential tools in gardening.

1. Hand Rake and Trowel

Hand rakes can make many gardening tasks more efficient and effective. These hand rakes are a small version of other rakes which you can use in your yard and garden- tight surfaces. A hand rake is ideal for small areas, garden borders and pot gardening. They have strong, stiff tines designed to dig into the soil to turn it. These rakes are especially great for getting tough weeds or smaller stones out of your soil bed.

Trowels are used for digging small holes for planting bulbs, annuals and perennials. It has a pointed blade that is shaped like a scoop and longer than the blade on other tools. A trowel also works well for weeding, mixing soil and soil amendments cultivation.

2. Pruning Shears

Pruners are heavy-duty scissors, specifically designed to cut the plant stems and hard shrub branches. It is very helpful at the time of plant growth stage. These pruners are perfect tools to have on hand for gardening, farming and flower arrangement. The primary duty of pruners is to remove dead, disease affected stems and branches from plants and scrubs. Dead stems attract unwanted insects which cause diseases so, it is important to remove it from the plants.

Pruning will also help to improve plants health and growth rate. So, keep your gardens healthy and looking attractive, it’s always preferably to identify that when it is best to prune your plants and shrubs.

3. Hoe

A hoe is aged and horticulture hand tool which helps to shape soil, remove weeds, clear soil, and also to harvest root crops. The basic structure of hoe looks: a long handle with a paddle, dagger or strips at the end, typically at an angle to the handle. Anyway latest hedge trimmer also removes weeds but hoe is for people who like to do it old ways. There are various types of hoe’s called paddle or draw hoe, stirrup hoe, collinear or onion hoe and warren or Dutch hoe. Only very few variations arise between these types.

4. Watering Wand

A watering wand implies that a device screwed onto the end of the garden hose to reduce the pressures without disturbing its volume. It gives a rainy touch to your plants. Water wands usually have curved shafts or adjustable heads. The main benefits of using water wands are that its gentle rain-like spray does not blast and pulverize fragile seedlings, tender new growth or delicate flowers. It also helps to water the plants at the root zone without bending, crouching or using a step ladder.

5. Gardening Gloves

Gardening is not an easy task. It remains a lot of stains and dirt on your hands and fingertips. To protect yourself from dirt’s, thrones, chemicals and other irritants, you need a good pair of quality gloves. Your gloves should be durable and fit perfectly. It is also important to remember that your gloves fabrics must be water resistance and having longer cuffs.

Not only this five, but there also many other tools like spade, mower etc. Having gardening is a beautiful thing that helps you to relax your mind. At the same time, vegetable gardens are very useful in your daily life. By your own cultivation, you can be free from hazardous chemicals and pesticides.

Nowadays even the government advice all to make a terrace garden which is low efficient in cost and highly effective for health. Want to learn more about gardening then Mippin is the best website for you. You can find more useful article and news about gardening in it. Pick the right tools and cultivate the chemical-free veggies, fruits and plants are the real work of a good gardener.



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